ISO Certificate

Laubscher attaches great importance to compliance in all business processes and shows this in the compliance profile of IntergrityNext.

Laubscher is certified for quality, sustainability and occupational safety as follows:

  • ISO 9001 quality management system without development
  • ISO 13485 medical devices without development
  • ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • ISO 45001 management system for safety and health at work

The equipment corresponds to the state of the art, taking into account ecological, economic and risk-avoiding aspects.

Laubscher is committed to environmentally friendly business and avoids emissions if possible:
- Vehicles CO2-free, change of fleet 2015-2019
- Heat generation CO2-free, changeover in 2021.

Laubscher prefers suppliers who act according to ecological criteria, who are regularly assessed and are integrated in the quality system.

Laubscher sells CE-marked medical devices. Medical devices are not manufactured or modified in-house, the declaration of conformity is made by the manufacturer and third parties. Repairs are carried out by qualified repair centers using original spare parts.

Laubscher ships products with sustainable and ecological packaging materials, changeover 2020.

Laubscher meets the demands of customers, suppliers and other beneficiaries by standardizing and mastering the processes, as well as by organization and cleanliness.

Laubscher promotes ecology:
- Establishment of varied hedge as a habitat in 1991
- Construction of small structures for sand lizards in 2021.

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