Safety for the patient

Laubscher distributes medical devices for the operating room and related services in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Laubscher acts as a representative of suppliers in the function of Swiss authorized representative (CH-REP), importer and distributor. The supply and quality are tailored to meet current and foreseeable future needs. New solutions are sought after and considered open minded. The creation of surplus value is obtained through modern management methods and equipment. 

Laubscher acts responsibly and as environmentally, socially and ethically as possible.
Laubscher is for employees, clients and suppliers a competent partner and is striving for satisfaction trough fair collaboration. Criterion for activities are specific needs and the objectives of the company, with highest professional and ethical standards towards all our stakeholders. 

Business objective / Compliance
The aim is to satisfy current and future customer needs and to be compensated.
A sufficient margin guarantees the existence and development of the company. Our work to meet customer needs is carried out goal oriented, effective and without risk to third parties, while respecting social and legal norms. No undue benefits, as defined in the Therapeutic Products Act, are granted to persons who prescribe, dispense, use or purchase medical devices for this purpose, or to organizations that employ such persons. 

The employee has the will and the ability to independently and responsibly perform well.
The employee is:
- actively integrated into the company's business
- trained and educated adequately for his tasks
- paid fairly according to his task and performance
- encouraged and supported as partner in his personal development. 

Workplace, equipment and infrastructure
Workplaces are equipped within process standards, secure and ergonomically.
The equipment and infrastructure meet process requirements and are regularly maintained and renewed. 

Communication supports objectives, activities and results.
The dialogue with customers, employees, suppliers and other parties (competitors, government agencies, interest groups and others) is carried out process oriented and takes into account the protection of personal data.

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